Sunday, August 18, 2019


Systems Administrator

Our Linux and Windows engineers have a heart the smooth running of your business.  They are there to help you in your IT projects, manage your network and provide superior support to your users.

You want to optimize the IT infrastructure of your business or looking for IT solutions for your convenience. You need a specific computer diagnostics or solutions to your questions.


You will find below a list is far from exhaustive, our areas of expertise which are also the most requested.


Ensuring the safety, maintenance and development of computer network

Participate in the development of investment and operating budget

Being constantly monitor technology

Ensure the operation of information systems and their applications

Develop and implement procedures for automation

Maintain good general conditions necessary to produce

Ensuring quality of service and the drafting of technical procedures

Provide users with technical support ...


Our technicians and engineers have skills constantly being updated on the main OS that can be used. We are therefore able to intervene in Windows, Linux and Mac environments. We can work for both hardware and software issues.


Our services are offered with or without facilities management contract.

  -           Outsourcing your workstations

We administer and operate your everyday computer equipment at

facilities and / or updates of software, system configuration, etc..

  -           Outsourcing your servers

We administer and operate your servers regardless of their function.

  -           Managing your network infrastructure

We administer and operate all your NETWORKING equipment.

  -           Management antivirus

We administer and operate your antivirus solution on the positions and


  -           Technical assistance

We respond to your requests for assistance by phone, through

a grip distance, or by on-site.

  -           Tool Fleet Management

This tool provides you with information on all of your fleet

computers, servers, workstations, and allows you to establish

the hardware and software inventory at any time.

  -           Identification of material and need advice on the purchase

We help you identify the type of equipment that best suits

your needs.